Eye Emergencies

An eye emergency mean, there is foreign object or chemicals in eye or when an injury or burn affects in eye area.

Remember to seek medical attention if you ever experience swelling, redness, or pain in eyes. Without proper treatment, eye damage can lead to a partial loss of vision or even permanent blindness.

Symptoms of Eye Injury
  • Loss of vision
  • Burning or stinging
  • Pupils that are not the same size
  • One eye is not moving like the other
  • One eye is sticking out or bulging
  • Eye pain
  • Decreased vision
  • Double vision
  • Redness and irritation
  • Light sensitivity
  • Bruising around the eye
  • Bleeding from the eye
  • Blood in the white part of the eye
  • Discharge from the eye
  • Severe itching
  • New or severe headaches

Consult a doctor if you have one or few above symptoms.

What to Do in an Eye Injury

  • Should not attempt to treat yourself.
  • Don't rub or apply pressure on eye.
  • Don't try to remove foreign objects that are stuck in any part of the eye
  • Don't use tweezers or any other tools in your eye.
  • Don't put medications or ointments in your eye.
  • Meet a  doctor as soon as possible.

Chemical Injuries to the Eye

Chemical burns result when cleaning products, garden chemicals, or industrial chemicals get into eyes. You can also suffer burns in your eye from aerosols and fumes.

If you get acid in your eye, early treatment generally results in a good prognosis. However, alkaline products like drain cleaners, sodium hydroxide, lye, or lime can permanently damage your cornea.

What to Do in an Chemical Eye Injury 

  • Turn your head so the injured eye is down and to the side.
  • Hold your eyelid open and flush with cool tap water for 15 minutes. This can also be done in the shower.
  • If you are wearing contact lenses and they are still in your eye after flushing, try to remove them.
  • Meet a  doctor as quickly as possible. 

Foreign Particle in Eye
  • Don't rub the eye.
  • Pull the upper lid down and blink repeatedly.
  • If particle is still there, rinse with eyewash.
  • If rinsing doesn't help, close eye, bandage it lightly, and see a doctor
Cuts and Scratches
If you have a cut or scratch to your eyeball or eyelid, you need urgent medical care. You may apply a cold compress while you wait for medical treatment, but be careful not to apply pressure.

Preventing Eye Injury
Eye injuries can happen anywhere, including at home, work, athletic events, or on the playground. 

However, followings may decrease the risk of eye injuries

  • Wear protective eyewear when you use power tools or engage in high risk sporting events.
  • Follow the directions carefully when working with chemicals or cleaning supplies.
  • Keep scissors, knives, and other sharp instruments away from young children.
  • Do not let your children play with projectile toys, such as darts or pellet guns.
  • Childproof your home by either removing or cushioning items with sharp edges.
  • Use caution when cooking with grease and oil.
  • Keep heated hair appliances, like curling irons and straightening tools, away from eyes.
  • Keep your distance from amateur fireworks.


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