Birth Control Options Vaginal Ring

1. What is a Vaginal Ring? A birth control vaginal ring is a small flexible ring that a women inserts into her vagina once a month. It is placed in the vagina for the three week period and is taken out for the last week of each month.

2. How Does the Vaginal Ring Prevent Pregnancy? The ring releases hormones such as estrogen and progestin. The ring works by Making cervical mucus thicker in a woman which doesn’t allows sperm from getting into the eggs and allowing eggs not to join the sperm by keeping eggs in the ovaries
3. Benefits? The ring is continent, simple and safe. Many women who use the ring have lighter, regular and shorter periods. When the ring is stopped being used, pregnancy returns quickly.

Considering the ring is identically to the birth control pill, it has the same health benefits and protect against:

4. Disadvantages? It may cause long lasting side effects like Vaginal irritation, Increased vaginal discharge, Infection. It does not protect against STIs.

5. Effectiveness - The Ring is very effective when the woman keeps it insert and in place for the three week duration and remove it for the one week duration. This allows keeping the correct level of hormones in the body. According to researchers says, If you use the Ring as directed, less than 1 out of 100 women get pregnant each year


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