83 Old Nurse, Still Working, No plan to Retire

Monica Bulman started her state enrolled nurse training in 1952 at Eltham Hospital, London and began working at Torbay Hospital in 1998, aged 65.

"I love my job, each and every part of it. Being a nurse brings me so much pleasure and keeps me on my toes," Mrs Bulman said.
After 64 years as a nurse, Mrs Bulman said the main change is technology.
"Although we now have much more paperwork to compete, it is fantastic that with the technology we can now look up our patient's X-rays and test results at the click of a button rather than having lengthy waits for the information," she said.
"Another change that amuses me is that years ago the theatre nurses, who were all gowned up, had to manually thread the needles for surgery, whereas now these all come in packs, pre-threaded."

"My job has kept me going and helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. I don't know what I would have done without my colleagues and a job where I can dedicate myself to caring for others," she said.
"I still have no plans to retire and I hope to keep going for as long as I am able."

Information & Image Source http://www.bbc.com on 2016.09.09


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