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1. What is a Birth Control Patch? Birth Control Patch sticks onto the skin to help prevent pregnancy. The patch is applied to the skin once a week for three weeks straight. The forth week is considered to be a patch less week.

2. How Does the Birth Control Patch Prevent Pregnancy? It releases hormones just like any other birth control methods.

3.Benefits - No Irregular/heavy periods, No Acne, No Pelvic inflammatory disease, No Menstrual craps, No Breasts growths, No Infection found in the uterus, tubes and ovaries

4. Disadvantages - The most common side effects include tender breasts, Additionally it’s possible that the patch may cause a woman’s sexual desire to decrease over time because the patch affects a woman’s hormones. The skin may also become irritated or have a reaction to where the patch is placed on the skin. Once a woman stops using the patch it can take one or two months for the period cycle to get back to normal.

5. Effectiveness  - According to researchers says, it works best when the patch is applied to the skin correctly for the three week duration. This is because it allows correct release of hormones into the body. As they describes , out of 100 women, less than 1 women will get pregnant if the patch is used as directed.


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