Birth Control Options Birth Control Sponge

1.What is a Birth Control Sponge? The Birth Control Sponge is a squishy porous foam object which is inserted into the vagina before intercourse. It contains spermicide to immobilize sperm as it comes in contact with the sponge. The sponge is typically around 2 inches in diameter and features a nylon loop which is used to easily remove it from the vagina after intercourse.

2.How do Birth Control Sponges Prevent Pregnancy? It prevent pregnancy by blocking the sperm from reaching the cervix. By inserting the sponge deep into the vagina before intercourse, resulting sperm entering the vagina will be blocked by the sponge. Meanwhile, the sponge will release spermicide throughout intercourse, thereby immobilizing the sperm.

Easy to use
No effect on hormones
No prescription required

4. Disadvantages - It does not protect from sexually transmitted diseases or infections. For some women, it may be difficult  to insert and remove correctly. If a part of the sponge comes apart while inserted in the vagina making it difficult to remove. If the sponge is left in the vagina for over 30 hours, the risk for toxic shock syndrome is increased the user should immediately seek medical help to have the sponge removed. The sponge also may change the wetly conditions of intercourse, with experiences being dryer or wetter than normal. Some users may experienced of vaginal irritation after using the sponge.

5. Effectiveness -  May differ from people to people, nearly about 75%


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