Aleppo Hospitals Bombed, Nurse Trapped in Basement

Two hospitals in rebel held east Aleppo have been put “out of service” and dozens of people are reported trapped after being hit by Russian and Syrian government airstrikes in the latest round of intense bombardment in the battleground city.

Mohamad Zain Khandaka, a medical administrator at the M2 hospital, told Middle East Eye (MEE) it was targeted at about 3.30 a.m. An ambulance was destroyed, two patients were killed and three staff injured, and 90 people were reported trapped in the basement as jets circled overhead.

Nurse Bara'a who trapped at the basement of the M2 hospital in east Aleppo messaged "If this hospital falls on top of us and we get stuck under the rubble, please no pictures. Don't forget our dignity."

Information Sources & on 2016.09.29
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