Health Ministry Mulling Import of anti-dengue Vaccine

The Health Ministry is now trying to find out whether it is possible to import the vaccine against dengue, Denvaxia to be used in Sri Lanka. A French company produces Denvaxia which has been used since 2015 in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, The Philippines, Colombia etc. Those countries have been using the vaccine with successful results. Peradeniya University Senior Lecturer, Consultant Physician Dr. Udaya Relapanawa said they will find out whether Sri Lanka has adequate funds to import this vaccine and whether the vaccine will be effective in Sri Lanka.

According to Dr. Relapanawa, the vaccine gives immunity for people between the ages of nine and 45 years against dengue virus types, 1, 2, 3 and 4 at different levels.

The vaccine should be given in three phases. The second vaccines should be given after six months of the first vaccine and the third vaccine should be given after one year of the second vaccine. It is expected to give this vaccine to the people in high risk areas.

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News Source on 2016.06.30
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