IV Fluid Types and Uses

IV Fluid Types and Uses
IV Fluid Type Uses
Normal Saline Rehydration, Electrolyte replacement
Lactated Ringer's Rehydration, Electrolyte replacement
5% Dextrose Carbohydrate and calorie source
0.9% NaCl + 5% Dextrose (D5W) Maintenance fluid, Some dehydration cases
0.45% NaCl (Half Normal Saline) Hypotonic solution for specific cases
3% NaCl (Hypertonic Saline) Severe hyponatremia, Cerebral edema
10% Dextrose Severe hypoglycemia, Caloric support
Plasma-Lyte A Rehydration, Electrolyte replacement
Albumin Colloid replacement, Oncotic support
Mannitol Osmotic diuretic, Reducing intracranial pressure
Please note that the uses mentioned here are general indications for each IV fluid type and may vary based on the specific medical condition and patient requirements. Always consult a healthcare professional for appropriate IV fluid therapy.

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