Interviews, Recruitment to the student nursing training-2022

All applicants for the students nursing training,

Recruitment to the student nursing training-2022

1. With reference to the application submitted by you in relation to the gazette notification no 2261 dated 31.12.2021 which was issued calling applications for the recruitment to the student nurses training. Accordingly, the interview conducted to check the eligibility of applicants who have submitted applications for this from the districts of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Puttalam, Baddulla, Monaragala, Hambanthota, Matara, Amapara,Batticaloa, Trincomalee, Kandy, Mathale, Nuwaraeliya, Jaffna, Kilinochi, Manar, Mulathiv and Vavnia is scheduled to be held at the following stations. 

2. Accordingly, the date ofthe interview, interview board, time, venue and the number have been mentioned against your name in the document given below as annexure -01. You are hereby informed to appear for the interview on the due date, and to bring the originals and certified true copies by himself ofthe following documents after carefully reading the said document, please bring all the self-certified copies field in a cardboard file and mention your name, NIC no, calling no, interview board no and district on the top-right hand corner ofthe file you are informed that the following documents should be compulsorily submitted on the date of the interview, and if you fail to submit on the said date, action will be taken considering that you have not satisfied the qualifications, and the request made for submitting the said documents later will not be entertained.

  1. Birth certificate
  2. National identify card or valid passport or valid driving license.
  3. Results sheet of G.C.E (A/L) and certificate indicating the Z score which are relevant to the year you applied (at the interview, the result sheet issued by the department of examinations will only be considered and the certificates issued by the principals ofschools will not be considered)
  4. Result sheet of G.C.E.(0/L) examination (at the interview, the result sheet issued by the department of examinations will only be considered and the certificates issued by the principals of schools will not be considered)
  5. An affidavit set out in the annexure-02, signed before justice of peace in proof of your singleness (the affidavit is set- out in the annexure -02, and it should be downloaded, signed before a justice of peace, and submitted to he interview board (affix a stamp to the affidavit and place the signature on it).
  6. The declaration of solemn set out in the annexure-03 should be downloaded, completed and submitted to the interview board placing your signature thereon to ensure that you have not registered in any university or attended for any other course conducted by the government/ ministry of health.
  7. An affidavit signed before a justice of peace should be submitted, if there is a difference in the names mentioned in the birth certificate, and educational certificated or any other documents (the signature should be place on a stamp in the affidavit.)
  8. The Grama niladhari certificate should be submitted to prove the residence in the relevant district during the there. (03) years immediately prior to 31.01.2022. it is compulsorily to place the official frank of the gramaniladhari in this certificate (DS-4). only in cases, where the Grama niladhari certificate cannot be produced, extracts of electoral lists preceding 03 years which were obtained from the district election office should be produced.(if your name is not in the electoral list, your parents’ names should in clued therein. Such candidate should produce a certificate obtained from the gramaniladhari in proof of sun or daughter of the parents w hose names are included in the electoral list.) 
  9. When you appear at the interview, you shall compulsorily bring the printed copy of the on-line application signed by a justice of peace and original of the cash receipt

Eligible candidates will be selected on the recommendations of the interview board in terms of the provisions ofthe gazette notification. This is only an interview conducted to check the eligibility of the candidates. Nothing contain herein are meant to imply that all who appear for the interview, will be compulsorily recruited to the training. Details of the candidates who qualified/ not qualified and selected / not selected after the interview ,will be published in the web site and NO one will be notified personally. 2022.10.01

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