10 Best Nursing Schools in the US

 10 Best Nursing Schools in the US
There’s a school for every field in existence, and that includes nursing. However, like all fields of study, not every school is as good as another. There are plenty of nursing schools out there, but only a few of them can be considered the best of the best, and naturally, most students want to attend the best school that they can afford. 

What is considered the “best” can vary from person to person, so it’s hard to say which nursing school in the US is the undisputed best, to go unchallenged by any other institution. However, together with CustomWritings - nursing essay writing service, we’ve selected the most qualified contenders for the title. These are the ten best nursing schools in the US.

Relevant Criteria

If you’re going to judge the quality of various nursing schools, there has to be a valid criterion that can be used to make that judgment. Otherwise, there’s no actual merit to the evaluation. In order to determine the best nursing schools in the country, the following criteria were considered:

  • Accreditation: The school must have a ACEN or CCNE Accreditation

  • Program Quality

  • Tuition

  • NCLEX Pass Rate

  • Program Outcomes

These were the criteria used to determine the top ten nursing schools in the US.

Duke University

Duke University has an average tuition of $23,241 a semester, with four semesters total in the program. It has an NCLEX pass rate of 98.39%. It is a traditional school with no online component. Duke University is considered one of the best research schools in the whole world, though it offers only one degree for undergraduate nurses, that being an accelerated BSN. To even enroll, you have to have already completed a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. That said, students going through the program will get roughly 800 hours of clinical experience before they graduate.

Outcomes at Duke are quite positive, and it is very well-known for its doctoral and MSN programs. It’s also one of the best places to go if you want to become a nurse anesthetist. Getting in isn’t easy, so if you are confident in your writing skills for an application and need help writing an essay, a reliable writing service might be of help.

Georgetown University

This university has an annual tuition average of $58,503, and an NCLEX pass rate of 100%. It does have an online component for graduate courses, but not for BSNs. Being an older institution, Georgetown is respected for its long-established nursing program. BSN students will earn roughly 882 hours of clinical experience before graduating, and an honors program for BSNs is available as well.

There are also a number of MSN programs and even a special program that allows you to skip a master’s degree and go straight from BSN to DNP that is available as both a part-time and full-time program. It’s just one of the best places to consider for nursing.

John Hopkins University

The annual tuition of John Hopkins University is $58,048, and it has an NCLEX Pass Rate of 92.31%. Admittedly, there are no undergraduate nursing programs available here, but this esteemed research institute offers MSNs for non-nursing majors. You must have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree to enroll in an MSN. After getting that MSN, John Hopkins offers thirteen different options for DNPs, with each one geared towards a different medical career.

John Hopkins is a difficult school to apply for, so a legitimate online paper writing service might help with your application.

New York University

The annual tuition for New York University is $56,500 for full-time undergraduates, and the NCLEX Pass Rate is 89.8%. Unlike many other options on this list, NYU does offer undergraduate programs. In fact, it’s one of the best schools for BSNs, offering a traditional BSN degree, a second-degree transfer BSN, RN-BSNs, and even accelerated 15-month BSNs. Each of those options has a 99$ NCLEX pass rate and consistently good outcomes. Excellent graduate degree programs are available as well.

University of Pennsylvania

Annual tuition for this university is $53,166 for undergrads, and it has an NCLEX Pass Rate of 94.83%. It has a rare 6 to one student-faculty ratio, which is great for nursing students that desire more personalized tutelage. The college teaches its nursing students in a cutting-edge simulation lab and even has them undergo mentorships, and it offers many study abroad programs. There are MSN and DNP options as well.

University of Michigan

The annual in-state tuition for this university’s upper-division undergraduate classes is $28,317, and its NCLEX Pass Rate is 98.95%. With over a century of nursing education experience, U-M is an excellent place to go for a BSN, though it also offers MSNs in eight different areas, all of which lead you towards a specific APRN position. The MSN programs have a nearly perfect pass rate every year.

University of California Los Angeles

The annual in-state tuition of this university is $16,545, while the out-of-state tuition is $46,299. It has an NCLEX Pass Rate of 97.73%. It is one of the best nursing schools on the west coast, well-known for producing top-quality graduates that go on to have important positions in their fields. The main draw of UCLA is the fact that it offers BSN, MSN, and DNP programs, meaning you can take your medical education all the way to completion at the same place. That said, its MSN program, which allows you to pick a population specialty and a sub-specialty, is the most notable. The DNP program is available in a hybrid format.

University of Washington

The in-state tuition is $12,076, and the out-of-state tuition is $39,906. The NCLEX pass rate is 94%. This university is best known for the many clinical students undergo at various medical sites across the region, including top-ranked hospitals. It also offers notable programs such as an accelerated BSN with early DNP admission, with 11 DNP programs leading to APRN positions. Unfortunately, the school does not offer MSN programs.

Emory University

The annual tuition for a full-time undergrad is $53,070. The NCLEX pass rate is 96.26%. The best thing about Emory is the wide array of options it has for nursing students of all levels. It has special BSN programs for high school students, Emory or Oxford students, and transfer students. It has programs that lead straight into RN certification, and it has MSN programs that lead to nine different APRN roles, all of which are available as full-time or part-time classes.

University of Maryland

Notable for having a very low in-state annual tuition of $9,446, though it has normal out-of-state tuition of $38,882. The NCLEX pass rate is 86.67%. Students have to complete two years of introductory courses before they can complete the two-year BSN course. There are graduate programs focused on leadership, administration, and research roles, as well as many DNP programs available that lead to APRN roles like anesthesia, psychiatric mental health nursing, and more.

Obviously, what one considers the best nursing school varies based on their own criteria. But the ones that have been mentioned here today are consistently ranked some of the best in the nation. But getting into those schools can be difficult, and you can bet you’ll need to submit some essays during your applications. On that note, don’t be afraid to place some faith in university essay services that can help you with that.


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