5 NICU nurses give birth within 1 month of each other

Five nurses who work in the same neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at an Illinois hospital all gave birth within one month of each other reported foxnews.

The babies were all born in June and July of this year. The newborns all met for the first time last week, while the nurses were on maternity leave.

From left: Nurse Rosa Brito and her son Zayan, Nurse Freida Etscheid and her daughter Aurora, Nurse Angelica Prisk and her son Wyatt, Nurse Ashley Becht and her daughter Lainey, and Nurse Christina Imer and her son Benjamin. (Courtesy of Advocate Children’s Hospital – Oak Lawn)

Advocate Children’s Hospital – Oak Lawn congratulated its five nurses on their newborns, in a statement provided reported Fox News.

"These nurses have been working tirelessly the past 19 months throughout the pandemic – and got to experience some simultaneous joy when they all delivered babies within 1 month of one another," the hospital said in a statement. "We love our nurses – and their babies."

According to the hospital spokesperson, two of the nurses gave birth at the end of June and the other three gave birth near the end of July. 

Nurse Rosa Brito delivered her son Zayan on June 23 and Nurse Frieda Etscheid delivered her daughter Aurora on June 29, according to the spokesperson.

Meanwhile, Nurse Angelica Prisk delivered her son Wyatt on July 22; Nurse Christina Imer delivered her son Benjamin on July 27 and Nurse Ashley Becht delivered her daughter Lainey on July 30.

Information source foxnews.


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