“Self Shield” App introduced to Sri Lanka to fight against COVID-19 pandemic

SelfShield App is a AI Driven Self-Health Check and Quarantine Monitoring System developed by the Commonwealth Centre for Digital Health in collaboration with the Health Informatics Society of Sri Lanka.

According to app developers says, Self Shield App can support you keep track of your health and protect both yourself as well as others. It uses advance AI based analytics to assess the symptoms that you disclose, existing medical conditions, your state of breathing and other data to determine your health and keep track of your progress. This will allow you to identify a deterioration in your health early and seek medical advise.

Self Shield App can also enable you to enroll into a Self-Shield Programme, when such programmes are available in your country, and obtain medical care based on your need. This will avoid unnecessary delays and will help healthcare teams to respond quickly and efficiently.

The tool can also help healthcare services to respond effectively to crisis situations and provide the services to the most vulnerable people utilising the resources optimally.

Self Shield can also help maintain safe working and social environments by rewarding users for good behavior as they engage in self-health checking on a regular basis.

Sources sshield.org


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