Nurse infected eight days after vaccine

An emergency nurse in the United States has tested positive for COVID-19 just eight days after getting the vaccine.

A Californian ER nurse who works at two hospitals in San Diego, identified as Matthew on social media, received the Pfizer vaccine on December 18, according to an Instagram post.

"Got my COVID vaccine!" he wrote.

"The 15 minutes afterwards sitting around with a bunch of others while healthcare workers asked us how we felt made me think of an opium den. I'll report back if I start to grow a third arm."

However, Matthew started feeling sick a week later on Christmas Eve with chills, muscle aches and fatigue after working a shift in one of the hospital's COVID-19 units, he told ABC 10 News.

On December 26, he tested positive for coronavirus, The Daily Mail reported.

Matthew announced he had received the vaccine on Instagram. Picture: Instagram


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