Treatment for Broken or Knocked-Out Teeth

A permanent (adult) tooth that is knocked out can sometimes be put back in place (replanted). In most cases, only permanent teeth are replanted into the mouth. Baby teeth are not replanted.

The medical term for a knocked out tooth is "avulsed" tooth. Dental avulsion is the complete displacement of a tooth from its socket in alveolar bone owing to trauma. The treatment for permanent teeth consists of re-plantation, immediately if possible.

Tooth accidents are commonly caused by
  • Accidental falls
  • Sports-related trauma
  • Fighting
  • Biting on hard food
A knocked-out permanent tooth is a dental emergency. Knocked-out teeth can be re-implanted in many cases. A permanent tooth that is re-implanted within 30 minutes has the highest chance of success.

1. Collecting Teeth or Teeth Fragments
  • Handle teeth carefully because damage may prevent re-implantation.
  • Touch only the crown, the top part of the tooth. Do not touch the root of the tooth.
  • Rinse the tooth gently in a bowl of lukewarm water for no more than 10 seconds only if there is dirt or foreign matter on it. Do not scrub, scrape, or use alcohol to remove dirt.
2. Re-Insert or Store Teeth
  • Rinse mouth with warm water.
  • If possible, reinsert permanent teeth into the correct sockets and have the person bite on a gauze pad to hold teeth in place.
  • If you can't reinsert the teeth, place the tooth in a container and cover it with a small amount of cow's milk or saliva or place between your cheek and gum to prevent drying.
3. Treat Symptoms
  • Control bleeding with sterile gauze or cloth.
  • For pain and swelling, apply a cool compress.
4. Contact a Dentist / Medical Professional.
  • Bring the tooth with you to a dentist. It's best to see the doctor within 30 minutes.
If a tooth breaks or is knocked out
  • DO NOT handle the roots of the tooth. Handle only the chewing edge- the crown (top) portion of the tooth.
  • DO NOT scrape or wipe the root of the tooth to remove dirt.
  • DO NOT brush or clean the tooth with alcohol or peroxide.
  • DO NOT let the tooth dry out.


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