Common Nursing Professional Abbreviations

AEEN Advanced Endorsed Enrolled Nurse
ANUM Associate Nurse Unit Manager
CRNA Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
CHN Child Health Nurse
CDRN Chronic Disease Registered Nurse
CIN Clinical Initiatives Nurse
CNE Clinical Nurse Educator
CNS Clinical Nurse Specialist
CSN Clinical Support Nurse
CDE Credentialed Diabetes Educator

CCRN Critical Care Registered Nurse
DDON Deputy Director Of Nursing
DNM Deputy Nurse Manager
DON Director Of Nursing
DNP Doctor Of Nursing Practice
EEN Endorsed Enrolled Nurse
EEN Endorsed Enrolled Nurse
EN Enrolled Nurse
ENEC Enrolled Nurse Emergency Care
FNM Facility Nurse Manager
FLEC First Line Emergency Care 
MHNP Mental Health Nurse Practitione
MUM Midwifery Unit Manager
NE Nurse Educator
NUM Nurse Unit Manager
PNSA Periop Nurse Surgical Assistant
PN Practice Nurse
PHCN Primary Health Care Nurse
PHN Primary Health Nurse / Public Health Nurse
RCN Registered Comprehensive Nurse
RGON Registered General And Obstetric Nurse
RGN Registered General Nurse
RM Registered Midwife
RN Registered Nurse
RSCN Registered Sick Children’s Nurse
RUSON  Registered Undergraduate Student Of Nursing
RAN Remote Area Nurse
RIPERN Rural And Isolated Practice Endorsed Registered Nurse
RIPERN Rural And Isolated Practice Endorsed Registered Nurse
SHN School Health Nurse
SEN State Enrolled Nurse
SRMW State Registered Midwife
SRN  State Registered Nurse / Senior Registered Nurse
SIN Student In Nursing

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