Red eyes after swimming is because of Urine, not Chlorine

Getting red eyes after swimming in a pool is not causing the chlorine.

Normally swimmers  pee in the water.

Nitrogen in the urine combines with the chlorine in pool and it forms chloramine that causes the red eyes.

The best way to check if the pool you're about to swim in is clean or not. The stronger the chlorine smell at a pool, the more filled with pee it is. Healthy pools don’t smell like chemicals.

It's not chlorine’s job to clean pee from a swimming pool. Chlorine kills bacteria though a fairly simple chemical reaction. The chlorine solution into the water breaks down into many different chemicals witch kill microorganisms and bacteria.

Proper PH and disinfectant levels are important to stop the spread of germs in public pools.

Chlorine levels of a pool should be between 1 to 3 ppm.
The pH should be between 7.2 to 7.8. The pH is important because it determines how effective that chlorine is.

When you are using a public pool

1. Have a shower and take a minute to wash dirt and germs off before you getting in to the pool.
2. Don't pee or poop in water
3. Don't drink or take water in to mouth
4. Use swimming goggles

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