Nurse suspected of killing 20 elderly patients

A nurse suspected of killing at least 20 elderly patients in a hospital in Japan has told investigators that she added disinfectant to their intravenous drips shortly before finishing her shifts because it was “a nuisance” to explain to relatives when a person had died during her working hours. 

31 year old former nurse was arrested for murder on Saturday (July 7), two years after a series of "angel of death" killings occurred at a hospital in Yokohama.

Ayumi Kuboki has reportedly told police that she injected a chemical, used in disinfectants, into the intravenous drips of at least 20 of her patients. Another 10 unused IV bags had also been found with puncture marks.

The deaths occurred between July and September 2016, when Kuboki was working at the 85-bed Oguchi Hospital for the elderly, now renamed the Yokohama Hajime Hospital.


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