FreeStyle Libre, Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The FreeStyle Libre system is a continuous glucose monitoring system consisting of a handheld reader and a sensor worn on the back of the upper arm. The sensor uses a thin, flexible filament inserted just under the skin to measure glucose every minute. By using a handheld reader to scan the sensor with a painless, one-second scan and replace routine fingersticks.

FreeStyle Libre sensor
The FreeStyle Libre system continuously measures glucose every minute and stores readings every 15 minutes.
  • Small size and comfortable to wear : About the size of two stacked US quarters, the sensor may be scanned through clothing.
  • Painless application : Painless and easy to apply.A very thin filament sits just under the skin to measure interstitial fluid.
  • Accurate sensor readings : No fingerstick calibrations required, and the system has no interference with medications containing acetaminophen.
  • Water resistant : Stays on the body for up to 10 days, and can be worn while swimming, showering, or exercising.

FreeStyle Libre reader
  • Reporting capability : Stores 90 days of glucose data. Downloading data from the FreeStyle Libre system to the LibreView software allows for even more in-depth analysis of your glucose data.
  • Convenience : Compact, lightweight, and includes a built-in FreeStyle Precision Neo test strip port for blood glucose testing.
  • User-friendly : Has a backlit color touchscreen for visibility in the dark.
Information Source 2018.04.15


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