Pituitary Drugs

Pituitary gland

The pituitary gland is a small pea-sized gland that plays a major role in regulating vital body functions and general well being. It is referred to as the body's 'master gland' because it controls the activity of most other hormone-secreting glands.

The pituitary gland is located in the skull in the bony sella turcica under a layer of dura mater. It is divided into three lobes:
Anterior lobe : produces stimulating hormones in response to hypothalamic stimulation.
Posterior lobe : stores ADH and oxytocin
Intermediate lobe. produces endorphins and enkephalins to modulate pain perception.

Here is some commonly encountered pituitary agents, their generic names, and brand names.

Anterior Pituitary Hormone Drugs

Growth Hormone Agonists
Generic name : Somatropin
Brand names : Nutropin, Saizen, Humatrope

Growth Hormone Antagonists
Generic name : Bromocriptine, Lantreolide, Octreotide, Pegvisomant
Brand names : Parlodel, Somatuline Depot, Sandostatin, Somavert

Other Drugs Affecting Anterior Pituitary Hormones
Generic name : Chorionic gonadotropin, Corticotropin, Cosyntropin, Menotropin
Brand names : Chorex, Acthar, Cortrosyn, Pergonal

Posterior Pituitary Hormone Drugs

Drugs Affecting Posterior Pituitary Hormones
Generic name : Conivaptan, Desmopressin, Tolvaptan
Brand names : Vaprisol, DDAVP


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