8 Rights of Medication Administration

Safety should be the first thing on your mind with medications. There is always a risk of giving the wrong pill, the wrong dose, or the wrong person’s medication. If this happens, harm to the person can occur and some reactions can be deadly.

When it comes to patient safety, review following basics and increase your awareness.

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8 Rights of Medication Administration

1. Right Patient : Ask the name of the client and check his/her ID band before giving the medication. Even if you know that patient’s name, you still need to ask just to verify.

2. Right Medication : Check the medication label and the order.

3. Right Dose : Check the medication sheet and the doctor’s order before medicating. Be aware of the difference of an adult and a pediatric dose.If necessary, calculate the dose and have another nurse calculate the dose as well.

4. Right Route : Again, check the order and appropriateness of the route ordered. Confirm that the patient can take or receive the medication by the ordered route.

5. Right Time : Check the frequency of the ordered medication. Double-check that you are giving the ordered dose at the correct time.Confirm when the last dose was given.

6. Right Documentation : Be sure to document your monitoring of the patient  and any other nursing interventions that are applicable and Chart the time, route, and any other specific information as necessary AFTER giving the ordered medication.

7. Right Reason : Confirm why the patient taking this medication?

8. Right Response : Make sure that the drug led to the desired effect. 


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