Tracheostomy Procedure

Tracheostomy is an surgical procedure that creates an airway in the cervical trachea. It may be done during an emergency when airway is blocked or it could be used when a disease or other problem makes normal breathing impossible. Tracheostomies are usually temporary, but are sometimes long-term or even permanent.

Tracheostomy Procedure

Tracheotomy is performed under general anesthesia. A horizontal incision made in the lower part of the neck.

Then the neck muscles will be pulled back and a cut will be made through the thyroid gland, exposing the trachea and allowing surgeon to make an incision into it.

After the tracheostomy is created, a tube called a "trach" will be inserted, which provides a breathing airway and allows secretions from the lungs to be removed.

There are numerous types of trach tubes available, which have different features that may be better suited for certain conditions.


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