Things You Should Never Do To Your Baby

  1. Don't ignore a crying baby : The only communication method of a baby is crying. Pay attention to baby's signals like restlessness and frowns, and remove the cause for discomfort.
  2. Don't let anyone kiss your baby on the mouth : Do not let anyone kiss your newborn baby's lips even if they appear to be perfectly healthy. By allowing them to do so, you are exposing your baby to lots of germs. The little one not so strong enough to fight with those germs.
  3. Don't touch baby's hands : Babies often put their hands in their mouths. So if people are touching your baby's hand, it's the same as them putting their hands in your baby's mouth.
  4. Don't clean baby's nose with your finger : If your baby gets a cold, use a bulb syringe or nasal aspirator to suck up the mucus from the nose. Never use a tissue or your finger as it could push the mucus further up the nose or damage nasal membranes. For an easier experience, use saline nasal drops first. Sure, the baby won't like any of this, but it has to be done. A clear nose ensures easier feeding, sleeping and breathing.
  5. Don't shake the baby : Babies have heavy heads and very weak neck muscles. When a baby is shaken forcefully, the head rotates uncontrollably, the movement may bounces the brain inside the skull, and may cause it to bruise or bleed. This can cause blindness, learning problems, brain damage, even death.
  6. Don't use your phone while nursing : When you are nursing your baby, you must give all or most of your attention to your baby. Using your smartphone or doing any other activity will have a negative impact on the bond between you and your little one.  Also, using a smartphone means you may be exposing baby to harmful radiation.
  7. Don't neglect oral health : You don't have to wait for baby's teeth to come in to maintain oral hygiene. After every feeding, wipe the gums with a soft, warm and wet cloth. 
  8. Don't leave your baby alone with your pet : Even if your pet is gentle and has a good bond with your baby, never leave your baby alone with them.  Also, pets can pass on diseases like rabies and ringworm.
  9. Don't leave your baby alone in the bath tub : No matter the reason, never leave your baby unattended in the bath tub. It takes less than 60 seconds for a baby to drown in less than an inch of water.
  10. Don’t use Too much Soap : Make sure you use mild soap in limited quantity when you wash your baby. Too much soap can dry out baby's soft skin.
  11. Don't miss an appointment : Even if your baby is in good health, always pay a visit to the pediatrician as scheduled. If baby is suffering from some health condition, visit the doctor immediately instead of attempting self-diagnosis and self-medication.
  12. Don't keep diapers on for too long : Diapers should be changed before or after each feed, after baby has pooped, or when they are wet. As a general rule, change baby's diaper every two to three hours. Even if your baby is not uncomfortable, leaving a dirty diaper on for too long can cause diaper rash.
  13. Don't make baby sleep on his side or stomach : If your baby is sleeping on his side or stomach, you are increasing the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). So the most important measures is ensuring that your baby sleeps on his or her back.


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