Having Medicine with Cold or Hot Water

Water is the best beverage for taking medicines. 

Do not mix medicines into hot drinks.

  • Hot temperatures can destroy the effectiveness of certain drugs.
  • Taking Pills with Warm Water is Dangerous Most people when they're suffering from flu. 
  • When taking capsules with warm water, not knowing whether the pill would safely reach the stomach. 
  • Hot water because it can destroy coating film of tablets or make caplet melt before they approach to stomach or bowel where medicine is absorbed by body.

Normally Cold water will reduce digestion, and the effect of your medicine will take more time to act.

Pills can be taken singly by using cold water.After swallowing, a person should drink a lot more water.

Don’t take medicine with wine because a dangerous interactive reaction to health will take place. In addition, it even causes death.

You shouldn’t take medicine with 

Caution: Consult your health care provider about any possible interactions.

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