Causes for Sensitive Teeth

1. Too Much Mouthwash - Some products have acids that make already sensitive teeth worse. The solution: Limit rinsing to once or twice a day. If you're still sensitive, ask your dentist about neutral fluoride rinses or those that lower sensitivity, and what ingredients to avoid.

2. Acidic Foods - Acid rich foods and drinks could erode the outer covering of your teeth, called enamel, and expose the tender layer beneath, called dentin. Cut the acid with a piece of cheese or glass of milk after eating.

3. Brushing Your Teeth Too Hard - If you brush too hard or don't use a soft brush, your gums can pull away from tooth roots. This can also wear away your enamel and expose dentin (yellow). Holes in the dentin are the tiny tubes (blue) that allow hot, cold, and sweet foods to affect tooth nerves.

4. Cracked Teeth - Munching ice, biting into hard candies, or having large fillings can lead to chipped, broken teeth. Once a tooth is cracked, the nerve rich pulp hidden deep inside may become irritated when chewing. A crack may also fill with bacteria, leading to inflammation, which can cause more pain.

5. Tooth Decay - It's like a cavity, exposes the root of your tooth to a host of irritants hot, cold, sweets, even air. The best ways to battle decay and keep your teeth in top form are to practice good oral hygiene.

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