Nurse Kneels to do CPR in Torrential rain to save man's life

On July 19 in Taiyuan City, China's Shanxi province, a  nurse kneeled to perform CPR in the rain has caught the attention of the country's social media. 

Onlookers rushed to shelter the woman, named Sha Meirong, with umbrellas as she tried to resuscitate the patient in Taiyun City, central China’s Shanxi province.

After four minutes the man miraculously regained consciousness and was taken to hospital.

In the video, the man can be seen lying on the floor with his umbrella still up. Two men rush over to see if they can help while the woman can be seen running from the hospital. She then rolls him over and starts to perform CPR while kneeling on the ground. The rain is visible on the floor. The two men use their umbrellas to hold over the man and the nurse while she continues to try and resuscitate the man. Two more medical staff appear running from the hospital. One of them is carrying a wheelchair. But they then run back when they realise that the situation is more serious than first thought. Another man joins the nurse and two men and holds another umbrella over them to give them more cover. Towards the end of the video, a group of medical staff come running over with a hospital bed. 

According to foreign reporters, the patient has heart disease but is now in a stable condition.

Sha Meirong said that “He fainted in the water. I ran to him and found he had lost his pulse. “I thought there must be a problem with his heart so I started to perform CPR on him


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