Surgical Procedures Suffixes

-centesis  Surgical puncture to aspirate or remove fluid
  • Eg :- Amniocentesis: puncture of the amnion for removing fluid for study or administering treatment of the fetus

-ectomy excision: surgical removal or cutting out
  • Eg :- Appendectomy: excision of the appendix

-lysis process of loosening, freeing, or destroying
  • Eg :- Hemolysis: destruction of blood cells

-pexy surgical fixation: fastening in a fixed position
  • Eg : -Mastoplexy: plastic surgery that fastens breast in a fixed position to prevent sagging

-plasty surgical repair
  • Eg : Mammoplasty: repair of the breasts

-rrhaphy suture
  • Eg :- Angiorraphy: suture of blood vessel

-scopy visual examination with a lighted instrument
*not always a surgical procedure
  • Eg : - Microscopy: use of microscopes to study microorganisms

-stomy formation of an opening
  • Eg :- Tracheostomy: surgical procedure that forms a new opening into the trachea

-tome instrument used for cutting
  • Eg :- Microtome: instrument used for cutting thin sections of tissue for microscopic study

-tomy incision
  • Eg :- Tracheotomy: incision of the trachea through the skin & muscles in the neck that overlie the trachea

-tripsy surgical crushing
  • Eg :- Lithotripsy: surgical crushing of a calculus

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