Nursing Student's Ragging 3 Seniors Arrested

Over a month after an 18-year-old student of a Karnataka nursing college was forced to drink phenyl, which burnt her internal organs, three of her seniors have been arrested on charges of attempt to murder in addition to ragging according to
As they report, he three seniors were arrested in Karnataka on Friday evening after being interrogated. A case has also been registered against Al Qamar College of Nursing for negligence and not informing the police.

The first year student, a Dalit, is in a hospital in Kerala. She can't eat or drink, or even swallow her saliva.

In a police complaint, she had named five of eight seniors who allegedly held her down and forced phenyl down her throat on May 9.

"They said you go and die drinking this. I tried to escape but they again caught me and made me drink the fluid," she had said in her complaint.

The teen thrashed about on the floor in pain and was taken to hospital by her friends.

She was first hospitalized in Karnataka. When her condition worsened, she was moved to Kerala, her home state.

Doctors say she needs major surgery as the chemical has severely damaged her food pipe. She may take four months to recover from the burns between her throat and stomach.

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