Things to Consider after a Flood

1). Don't switch on any kind of electric item, as stagnant water may be still in switches, circuit boards.

2).  If there is ground water tanks, Do not use them. Empty and clean them very well before use again.

3). Do not use water in the wells into a flood. Empty them and add some chlorine to clean the water when it filled with new water.

4). Do not let your children  to play with flood remains. They may affect dangerous diseases such as leptospirosis.

5). Don't leave Children, daughters at camps alone without an elderly supervision. 

6). If you have insured your home, ask your insurance representative to visit your place before you clean them. Take some photographs before you clean your home even after showing to your insurance representative.

7). Pay attention to your upper areas  as if your sunny, rain could fall on upper areas.

8). Don't start the engine of your vehicle until your motor insurance representative visit your place.  Take some photographs of your vehicle condition. Get advice from a experienced motor mechanic.


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