Nurse helps save her own life after her arm was sliced off

Kristina Dejesus, a nurse who had her arm sliced off in a horror boating accident while on vacation said her training as a critical care nurse 'saved her life'.

Kristina Dejesus, 32, from New Jersey, lost her right arm at the shoulder after being hit by a boat's propeller on a weekend away with her childhood pals in October 2017 said Mailonline.

Kristina says that after being hauled out of the water she instructed her rescuers to put pressure on the wound and elevate her feet to stop the blood loss.

Fortunately the boat's crew included two ex-servicemen who kept calm as they raced back to the dock where an ambulance was waiting Mailonline reports.

From there, Kristina was airlifted to hospital where she was taken for emergency surgery to close the wound.   

Kristina said: 'I was involved in a boating accident when my body came into contact with the propeller while I was on vacation with my friends.

'My arm was amputated immediately, but I couldn't feel anything.

'I was kicking and screaming when I realized my friends were panicking, the current was pulling us away from the boat we were on.

'I'm an ICU nurse and I knew I had to lie flat with my legs up and put pressure on my wound.

'It was at this point I realized I didn't have an arm. I couldn't believe it. I was lucky because my wound was not bleeding heavily.

'My artery had been kinked and it was a clean cut. I wasn't bleeding out, but there was obviously a huge risk that I could at any moment.

Kristina has now been fitted with myoelectric-controlled prosthetic arm, which uses the signals from the muscles in her shoulder to move. 

She returned to work in the CCU of Overlook Hospital in May, and said the support of her husband Blas Barquin, 35, has helped her accept her new life as an amputee.

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