An artificial pancreas for Type 1 diabetes patients

Diabeloop is an artificial pancreas solution designed to drastically improve the management of Type 1 diabetes.

The DBLG1 System, by French company Diabeloop, includes:

  • A continuous glucose monitor
  • A handset resembling cell phone : a dedicated terminal receiving data from the sensor and integrating an innovative algorithm
  • Patch insulin pump : a connected insulin pump controlled by the algorithm to deliver the optimal amount of insulin

Every five minutes, a glucose measurement is sent via Bluetooth to that handset. An algorithm then analyzes the data in real time, taking into account the patient's physiology, history and data entries on meals or exercise to figure out how much insulin to administer. The system is designed for adults with type 1 diabetes.

The wireless Kaleido pump, the third component of the DBLG1 System, pledges to deliver consistent and accurate insulin doses to wearers.

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