How to measure the right dose of medicine of your kids?

Normally parents use the common dosing cups often sold with children's drugs to give medicine to children. But more than 80% of  parents give children the wrong dose of liquid medicines when using this common dosing cups. These mistakes lead to overdoses, although there's also a risk that kids will receive too little medication to properly treat their illness.

Parent have to be careful about how they hold the cup. The Cup should be held at eye level. it is not held at eye level, it is easy to put too little or too much medicine into the cup.

But the percentage of measuring errors can be lowered by using a syringe instead of dosing cup. The syringes were much less likely to result in errors than the cups.

Using a syringe, droppers can lower the errors in measuring medicine rather than kitchen spoons, which vary widely in size and shape.

Switching to milliliter measurements such as a a syringe, dropper for children's medicines might help eliminate errors as  syringes can make doses doled out in teaspoons or tablespoons more accurate.

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