Dermatological Medicines (Topical)

Dermatological Medicines (Topical)

Antifungal Medicines
Benzoic acid + salicylic acid ointment or cream
Clotrimazole cream

Anti-Infective Medicines
Cetrimide shampoo, cream
Framycetin sulfate cream
Povidone-iodine aqueous  solution, ointment

Anti-Inflammatory And Antipruritic Medicines
Calamine lotion

Flucinolone acetonide cream, ointment
Hydrocortisone acetate cream, ointment
Betamethasone valerate cream, ointment

Astringent Medicines
Lead subacetate solution (strong)
Magenta solution
Potassium permanganate aqueous solution
Silver nitrate Solution

Medicines Affecting Skin Differentiation And Proliferation
Aqueous cream
Coal tar solution
Coconut oil compound shampoo
Dithranol ointment
Emulsifying ointment
Podophyllum resin solution
Salicylic acid solution
Urea ointment or cream

Scabicides And Pediculicides
Benzyl benzoate application
Permethrin /Malathion lotion
Sulphur ointment

Ultraviolet Blocking Agents
Zinc oxide ointment

Preparations For Acne

Oral preparations for acne

Topical preparations for acne
  Benzoyl peroxide cream
        Tretinoin cream


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